View from Madison Avenue in New York CIty of the "Styled by Me" Barbie experience.

Final installation of "Styled by Me" Barbie Experience inside the FAO Schwarz store. Kiosks and displays in the foreground, fashion runway in the left.
Once the customer had finished designing their Barbie, their order was sent into a backroom where the doll was assembled, announced, and would "strut her stuff" on the runway. Go Barbie!
The backroom where the dolls were assembled. Six Foot designed and developed the application used to collect and send doll orders and specification to the assembly team. I led the UX/IA development of the backroom application and collaborated with the our development team as the product went through a series of iterative testing and updates.
Kiosk interface design.
Kiosk interface design.
Kiosk interface design. E-commerce component/purchase screen.
Attract loop animation that played on displays above the kiosk stations.
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